Powerful & Smart Messaging
Platform for your Business

Comminicate, Engage, Delight & Interact with your
customers across the globe with our powerful Messaging
Platform as we know every SMS has got an oppurtunity

Teleopedia's Messaging Offerings

Push SMS

Engage customers globally with our messaging
solutions like Alerts, Promotional messages, also
called as Push SMS. Reach your customers at
any time across anywhere in the world



This number can be a long code or a short
code.Two-way SMS allows you to carry on
a conversation by both sending and
receiving text messages globally



As an SMS API provider, we provide
a full 2FA solution for verification of the
user that ensures user authentication
to message automation.


Dynamic API's

No need to spend huge budgets to promote
your brand. Secure, Robust and Effortlessly easy
APIs to Scale quickly, whether it’s a matter of 10
messages or 10 million messages


Why SMS for your Business

Approximately 50% of consumers make direct purchases after receiving an SMS branded text/QR code/discount coupon

SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns

79% of smartphone users rely on an SMS opt-in or other mobile device service to assist them in making purchasing decisions while shopping

90% of mobile device users who were enrolled in SMS loyalty clubs felt they had benefited from being involved in the program

Applying SMS marketing techniques is predicted to contribute a 65% growth rate of revenues by 2022

SMS is the most widely used data application in the entire world’. Approximately 3.7 billion users around the world send and receive SMS

Powerful Features

  •   Long Message Concatenation

  •   Support Multiple languages

  •   Message Queueing

  •   Realtime reports & Analytics

  •   Automated Retry

  •   Campaign Management

  •   Optout & Optin

  •   Bulk Upload

  •   Scheduling & Split-scheduling

Why Teleopedia

Reliable, Global, Secure & Scalable


Enterprise Grade Platform

Engineered for reliability, quality and
99.99% uptime. Our Premium network
allows improved SMS deliverability.


Global Scale

Enable the same app to communicate
with anyone across 195+ countries and
over 1,500+ telecom networks.


Intelligent Routing

Network Congestion can never be a
problem and you will experience the
smooth message delivery through our
SMS API integration


Communicate Globally

Connect with your customers better by
sending messages across the globe in
their regional/local language through
Unicode messages and send messages.


Quick Setup

Teleopedia's user-friendly SMS gateway
helps you to getstarted in minutes. Get API key,
set up account instantly and reach your
customers in seconds.

click 2 call

Strong Connectivity

Virtually get connected to anyone
across the world through Bulk SMS
Gateway API, a hassle-free solution.


Flexible, Reliable & Scalable

Whether you are entering a new international
market or adding new subscribers, our SMS
gateway will grow with you. Add/modify
users without worrying about additional
infrastructure costs.

24/7 Expert Support

24/7 Hawk Eye Support

Teleopedia's support service is available
round the clock.We are awake when you
sleep. Receive extended support at any time
of the day To provide such a seamless support,
various methods are adopted.